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Remedial Injection

Do you need a better way to handle subsurface site cleanup and remediation projects? Efficient distribution of amendments is crucial to the process. Explore the benefits of remedial injection services.

Remedial injection from ARM Environmental Services will optimize your site remediation dosing and distribution designs. Getting the necessary soil and groundwater amendments to treat contaminants to the targeted zone is critical to success. Our innovative pneumatic injection process enables you to achieve more effective subsurface treatment by choosing specified intervals, depths, and radius of influence for each application. Injection of remedial compound is effective for both soil remediation and groundwater remediation. ARM has experience injecting materials such as in situ chemical oxidants (ISCO) with several different activation chemistries, oxygen releasing compounds, powdered granular activated carbon, emulsified oil products, bacterial cultures, and more.

Let ARM Environmental Services help you streamline the amendment delivery process while meeting your site’s Health and Safety Plan (HASP) and remediation targets.

Features of Our Remedial Injection Services

With our underground injection techniques, you’ll be able to treat sites and plumes for contaminants, including petroleum, chlorinated solvents, and hazardous metals. Finally, there’s an easier way to achieve your site remediation goals, including:

  • Transition to MNA
  • Reduction of mass and flux
  • Adherence to risk-based standards
  • Remediation to meet Site-Specific Target Levels (SSTLs) for each constituent at each location

Are injection services right for your application? ARM’s in situ remediation services are ideal for treating contaminated sites in a wide range of private and public sector properties, such as:

  • State and federal Superfund sites
  • Department of Defense bases
  • Gas Stations
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Brownfields & Voluntary Cleanup Contracts
  • Petrochemical sites
  • Manufacturing sites

Maximize Your Site Cleanup with Trusted Remedial Injection Services

If you are ready to leverage the latest remedial injection strategies to keep your site clean and safe, turn to ARM Environmental Services. We offer full-scale implementation of in situ remediation technologies to save you time and enhance your site cleanup efforts. No matter what environmental consulting need you are facing, count on ARM to have your back. We will put our more than 30 years of experience and expertise to work for your site remediation project. Hire us today to get started with the top remedial injection services.

"ARM has consistently provided superior environmental services on time and on budget. They are our “go-to” environmental consultants."

Frank Cason, President - Cason Development Group