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Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery

Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery

Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery (AFVR) is the removal of a free-phase product, contaminated groundwater, and contaminated vapors from the subsurface. It may also be known by other names such as enhanced fluid recovery, dual-phase extraction, mobile multi-phase extraction, and high vacuum extraction (HVE). This process may be used for various purposes, including remediation at leaking underground storage tank (UST) sites, industrial facilities, and military bases, as well as dewatering and pilot testing. Aggressive fluid vapor recovery can remove free product, soil vapors and contaminated groundwater simultaneously when used for remediation.

AFVR Data Collection and Disposal

The aggressive fluid vapor recovery (AFVR) services performed by ARM Environmental Services include consistent data collection of air flow, temperature, humidity, vacuum strength, effluent and stack vapor concentration, groundwater level, and free product thickness. Our experienced operators, crewmen, and specialized extraction equipment allow us to easily make modifications in the field in response to changes in site conditions. We also transport the material collected during aggressive fluid vapor recovery to certified disposal facilities and treatment plants for proper off-site disposal. Projects that often involve aggressive fluid vapor recovery include the following:

  • Soil and groundwater corrective actions
  • Fuel spill responses
  • Voluntary cleanup contracts

ARM’s Fluid and Vapor Recovery Specialists

fluid and vapor recovery services

ARM provides aggressive fluid and vapor recovery services on a variety of projects, including land development, subsurface remediation and the rehabilitation of government infrasturcture. We also have the following credentials in this area:

  • Federal Supply Service Contractor for the General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Class I / Class II Underground Storage Tank (UST) Site Rehabilitation Contractor
  • Statewide On-Call Environmental Contractor for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Approved Environmental Consultant for South Carolina
  • Licensed Geological and Environmental Firm in North Carolina

Our service technicians have various certifications such as 40-hour OSHA-compliant HAZWOPER training, commercial driver’s licenses, as well as Transportation Worker Identification (TWIC) and military base credentials, including flight line training.

ARM provides and operates all necessary equipment, including the liquid-ring vacuum trucks typically used to perform aggressive fluid vapor recovery. General equipment used in aggressive fluid recovery may include waste management equipment, vapor mitigation systems, and health & safety instrumentation.

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ARM Environmental Services, Inc. is based in Columbia, South Carolina, and we also have a branch office in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have been providing our clients with comprehensive environmental services such as aggressive fluid vapor recovery since we were founded in 1991. Our service area includes South Carolina, North Carolina and portions of Georgia. Contact us today to find out more about our aggressive fluid vapor recovery services.

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