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Soil & Groundwater Sampling

The primary purposes of sampling soil and groundwater are to determine the presence, concentration, and distribution of suspected contamination or to investigate a property’s geological and hydrogeological properties. Once these samples are obtained, they can be analyzed by appropriate methods that comply with scientific requirements, often at independent laboratories. These results are then compared to established government standards, such as regulatory threshold values, to determine the level of hazard posed by each contaminant. ARM Environmental Services has extensive experience in performing soil and groundwater sampling for a variety of projects and clients. Our staff members also have specific training and qualifications in this area.

Sampling Process for Soil and Groundwater

Soil samples generally take the form of borings, which can use a variety of specific technologies depending on the site’s work plan requirements. These samples are usually taken at multiple locations and depths, which may receive a preliminary screening onsite with hand-held instruments to select samples that will be analyzed further in a laboratory. Groundwater samples are usually obtained by installing monitoring wells. Common techniques for groundwater sampling include submersible pumps, disposable bailers, and peristaltic pumping. Groundwater samples are typically collected by ARM technicians in conjunction with low-flow purging techniques.

Soil & Groundwater Sampling

ARM provides a complete range of field sampling services, from environmental screening inspections to subsurface soil and groundwater investigations. Additional services include geologic and hydrogeologic evaluations, soil vapor monitoring, and soil management plans. We perform many services to meet specific standards and regulatory requirements such as South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Underground Storage Tank Section Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) soil and groundwater screening and sampling procedures. ARM maintains a South Carolina DHEC-approved Annual Contractor Quality Assurance Plan.

ARM’s Qualifications for Sampling

ARM has the qualifications needed to perform environmental services for many state and federal projects. For example, we’re a Federal Supply Service Contractor for the General Services Administration (GSA). We’re also a Statewide On-Call Environmental Contractor for the South Carolina Department of Transportation and an Approved Environmental Consultant for South Carolina and North Carolina

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ARM Environmental Services, Inc. has been performing environmental services such as soil and groundwater sampling since we were founded in 1991. Our soil and groundwater sampling specialties include soil coring and rotary auger drilling, field screening, well installation, multi-stage development, and low flow purging and sampling methodologies. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your South Carolina and North Carolina soil and groundwater sampling needs.

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