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Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Commercial and industrial operations frequently contaminate the soil and groundwater on a site, resulting in a need to remediate the impacted media according to regulatory requirements. The best approach to remediation depends on many factors such as the extent of the contamination and types of contaminants involved. The type of soil that has been contaminated and the distance of contaminated soil to groundwater and other potential receptors are also important considerations for developing an effective remediation strategy. ARM Environmental Services has successfully completed many projects involving soil and groundwater remediation that have resulted in “No Further Action” letters for our clients.

Soil and Groundwater Solutions

Remedial procedures for soil and groundwater may range from simple in-situ bioremediation to complex systems for pumping and treating groundwater. Additional solutions for treating contaminated soil and groundwater include soil vapor extraction, air stripping, chemical oxidation, and soil vapor and groundwater recovery. The cost of these procedures must be carefully weighed against the potential liability they pose for the client.

Soil and Groundwater Solutions

Soil and groundwater remediation may be part of a larger project involving the investigation and remediation of contaminants or just due diligence before buying a property. These projects include voluntary cleanup contracts, whether or not the client is potentially responsible, in addition to soil management plans and site remediation plans.

ARM also works on remediation projects administered by state trust funds. These services often include negotiating with government regulators to determine the best course of action. ARM has extensive experience with this process, allowing projects to be completed on time and within budget.

ARM’s Soil and Groundwater Specialists

All of ARM’s field technicians receive general training that complies with OSHA standards, including 40-hour HAZWOPER certification. They also have specialized training for the specific equipment they operate. The major pieces of equipment owned and operated by ARM include the following:

  • Geoprobe track-mounted direct push (DPT) units
  • CME and Diedrich rotary auger drill rigs
  • Liquid-ring vacuum trucks
  • Pneumatic injection system

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ARM Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in providing environmental services for land development, subsurface remediation and restoration. Our service area is primarily in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Contact us today to find out more about our soil and groundwater remediation services.

"We hired ARM to provide Asbestos Survey and Air Monitoring services on over 80 residential buildings as part of a neighborhood improvement project. Each staff person was extremely helpful and exhibited a high degree of integrity in every facet of the project. Their technical knowledge was very helpful when unforeseen conditions arose, and helped us to complete the project on schedule."

Jason Vance - Catawba Regional Council of Governments